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The Department of Computer Sciences.
2007 SQM and INSPIRE Conferences.

Please, prepare slides for your presentation
  • 20 mins if you present a full paper
  • 15 mins if you present a management summary or a short paper
  • 10 mins if you present a poster
In all cases, a maximum of 5 minutes is allowed after presentation for questions and answers (discussion sessions).

The University of Tampere will provide Powerpoint,OpenOffice and Internet connection for the presentations.


Please send your slides, a small CV (200 words maximum) and a small photo to Spyridon Saroukos before the 23rd of July.

Accepted Papers




Download Abstract

Stelios Draganidis &
Kerstin Siakas
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece Revealing Semantic Quality Characteristics of Free and Open Source Software  Download Abstract
Sari Vesiluoma Teleca AB, FInland Knowledge Sharing Pattern Language  Download Abstract
Ilari Kajaste
Deepa Mathew
Suvi Peltomäki
Timo Poranen
University of Tampere, Finland Using Usability Experts to Improve Software Quality  Download Abstract
Mohamed A Sheriff
Elli Georgiadou
Middlesex University, UK Scenarios of software value: putting software quality in context  Download Abstract
Linfeng Li
Marko Helenius
Eleni Berki
University of Tampere, Finland Phishing-Resistant Information Systems: Security Handling with Misuse Cases Design  Download Abstract
Sami Kollanus University of Jyväskylä, Finland Experiences from Using ICMM in Inspection Process Assessment  Download Abstract
Niina Hämäläinen
Jouni Markkula
University of Jyväskylä
University of Oulu, Finland
Quality Evaluation Question Framework for Assessing the Quality of Architecture Documentation  Download Abstract
Janne Kaipala
Zheying Zhang
2HiQ Softplan, Finland
University of Tampere, Finland
Hypertext based Context Representation for Component Reuse in System Analysis and Design  Download Abstract
Karen Lawrence Öqvist Hewlett-Packard Sverige AB, Sweden Privacy and Choice in the 'Information Age'  Download Abstract
Efstratiou Vassia D.Eftratiou S.A., Greece Dealing with Security Break  Download Abstract
Panagiotis Kampylis
Emmanuel Fokides
Maria Theodorakopoulou
University of Jyväskylä,Finland
Aegean University, Greece
Athens College, Greece
Towards Effective Computer-Related Learning Environments for Primary School Students? Creative Thinking Development  Download Abstract
Zheying Zhang University of Tampere, Finland Effective Requirements Development - A Comparison of Requirements Elicitation Techniques  Download Abstract
Elli Georgiadou Middlesex University, UK A framework for the management of controlled experiments in Software Engineering  Download Abstract
Keith Phalp
Sheridan Jeary
Jonathan Vincent
John Mathenge Kanyaru
Simon Crowle
Bournemouth University, UK Supporting Stakeholders in the MDA Process  Download Abstract
Eleni Berki
Hannakaisa Isomäki
Airi Salminen
University of Tampere, Finland
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
University of Toronto,Canada
Quality and Trust Relationships in Software Development  Download Abstract
Tero Ahtee
Timo Poranen
Tampere University of Technology
University of Tampere, Finland
Teaching Software Projects at Universities in Tampere  Download Abstract
Zheying Zhang
Janne Kaipala
University of Tampere, Finland
2HiQ Softplan, Finland
Context Specification for System Analysis and Design  Download Abstract
Vasso Stylianou
Andreas Savva
School of Sciences and Engineering, Intercollege, Cyprus Knowledge Management in Academia  Download Abstract
Li Ye R&D, Multimedia Enhancement, Nokia Corporation
Helsinki, Finland
Model-Based Testing Approach for Web Applications  Download Abstract
Elli Georgiadou
Gillian Palmer
Middlesex University, UK
ElementE, UK
A European project competence engineering
for learning and assessment
 Download Abstract
Chia-Ling Chang
Wei-Yu Tai
University of Tampere, Finland Defect Reporting in Localization Testing  Download Abstract
Shahzad Akhtar Awan
Petros Belimpasakis
Eleni Berki
Rod Walsh
Department of Computer Sciences, University of Tampere

Extended Home Team, Nokia Research Center
Automated Content Sharing in Extended Home through Mobile Devices
A quality solution for group communication
 Download Abstract
Kieran Miller
Ray Dawson
Malcolm Bradley
Loughborough University, UK IT Project Success: The Computing Holy Grail  Download Abstract
Andrea Claire Smith
Margaret Ross
Geoff Staples
Nineveh Consulting, UK
Southampton Solent University, UK
Southampton Solent University, UK
Greening Computing Model  Download Abstract
Witold Suryn
Nelson Coronel

Margaret Ross
Geoff Staples
École de technologie supérieure, Canada

Southampton Solent University, UK
The applicability of ISO/IEC 9126-2 External Software Quality Measures in Context of Quality in Use Predictability  Download Abstract